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    Hello, my name is Leea. I go by Bunni or Bloodless or Blood. I am 14 years-old only a fresh men and heres a little about me. I tend to like to be happy, I always want to feel happiness, I never really get that a lot and I id all my depression deep in me when I'm full of it. Sometimes it's like my water in my blood system hehehe. Well a little about me; I did use to cut myself I haven't snaped for about 3 weeks and the last time I cut myself was 2 weeks ago, I'm getting better. I normaly never have any help unless I tell my bestie, AKA my Kelso it and she tries to make me feel better. I try not to show my sadness because I hate being helped I dunno why. My family doesn't pay much attention to me I don't mind that because I don't pay much attention to them. Soooooooooooo.......... If you would like to comment me I would LOVERS THAT!!!!! <------------ It's over there in that location hehehe. I love you all bai bai my dearies<br />
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