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    I am Joey. I am 13.I wanna be called "Jo"... so call me Jo.. k? I live in the Philippines(kaya pilipino ako ok?). I think i am Dyslexic. i Hate school. i LOVE projects. i SPit on Homework (joke). Im a cheerful and a positive thinker (somethimes). i LOVE poking ppl. i hang out with girls. i never wore pink ... yet. im usually bored and hungry. im usually Hyper (::caution:: can kill when hyper). i wanna wear braces... or glasses. ima loner (in gaia). i have LOOW grades. i like noobs. i want and NEED for avi art. i LOVE gaia. i was a former noob. i always feel depressed as if i was emo. i love gray. im sir-sweats-aLOT -- i mean it... i sweat a LOT--. i need donations. i wanna be a singer/ songwriter. i HATE CHRIS BROWN (no offense to the ppl reading this... its because of what he did to RIHANNA...)<br />
    i Praise rihanna. i am Vein. i love to take pictures... of myself. i wanna be a photographer. i wanna make GIFs... (teach meh...). i Complain :I. i want a room. i need a life. i LOOOVE fred xD... i Am STILL single.<br />
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