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  • Artist Info: Hi, my name is ignore58, but you can call me anything you like. I read and watch anime, which is the best. My favorite anime show is Bleach, my favorite character is Byakuya Kuchiki . If you guys don't know Bleach then here's something that might get you intersted in, Kurosaki Ichigo is a 15 year old boy that has an ability to see ghosts/spirits. Because of his ability, he is able to meet a female death god (a.k.a Shinigami) named Kuchiki Rukia. To save his family and friends from unwanted soul-eating spirits (Hollows), Rukia transfers her Shinigami powers to Ichigo. As Rukia takes on a human shell, together they solve mysteries involving spirits and hollows until from the spirit world comes 2 other shinigamis explaining that it is illegal to transfer Shinigami powers to humans and Rukia exceeded the time limit to stay in the human world. After they sentence her death for breaking the laws, Ichigo snaps and swears to everyone he will retrieve Rukia by breaking into the spirit world. Another favorite anime show that I like and watch or read is Death Note. Ok, I think I'm done well thankyou.<br />
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