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    "I shall go where he goes.. Whether the almighty summons apon his soul, or tempter beckons him towards the flames of perdition.. <br />
    I shall follow him. For I love him." ~Kayla Liberty (Me)<br />
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    User Image <---me<br />
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    Name: Kayla. <br />
    Age: 18 <br />
    Grade: 12<br />
    Relationship: Taken <3<br />
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    MY ART SHOP<br />
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    The Mended Heart by: ME ^_^ (Kayla Liberty)<br />
    <br />
    "Before you there was nothing,<br />
    A black emptyness in my heart.<br />
    My heart was broken, torn away,<br />
    missing half a part.<br />
    For many years I suffored, <br />
    with lonelyness and sorrow,<br />
    those many years I also hoped<br />
    there was someone for me to follow.<br />
    But I began to loose hope,<br />
    dreams came to an end, <br />
    then it was me I began to blame.<br />
    I decided then that there was no one for me,<br />
    and that is when you came.<br />
    You helped me, completed me, mended my heart,<br />
    rescued me from the pit of despair,<br />
    the pain and the emptyness faded away,<br />
    all I needed was someone to care.<br />
    But one question is still haunting my mind,<br />
    whether it's false or it's true,<br />
    no matter what happens, whatever you do,<br />
    the answer is simple.<br />
    I love you."<br />
    ________________________________________________________<br />
    AVI ART <3<br />
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