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  • Artist Info: hi peoples! the names claire :3<br />
    I love to sing, draw, and write. <br />
    Anything fluffy, frilly, or just darn-right-girly is officially and completely mine. X3 <br />
    to me, Imagination is more important than knowledge. I<br />
    Im completely straight, and always will be. <br />
    I think people can be more than they seem, or worse than they seem. <br />
    I believe in God, so no hating.<br />
    I think the worst damage the earth could take, is and will always be from humans. <br />
    Fred Weasley, Emmett Cullen, Momiji Sohma, and Taylor Lautner all equally are HAWTTT!<3 <br />
    I think that gullable idiots are fun to mess with XD <br />
    I dont try to be the best, but hey, i want to be. <br />
    I think that God doesnt deserve us. <br />
    I also think that time goes too fast, and people often make bad impressions that they forget will last a lifetime.<br />
    Humans are idiots. period.<br />
    My real friends should be funny, idiotic, random, nice, forgiving, cuddly, and darn-right-fun to be around. luckily the people i call my friends all fill out these requirements. <br />
    I want to be a psycologist when im older, so come, come children, vent out your anger, sadness, and confusion to me. i promise that ill listen! <3<br />
    obama is overrated<br />
    i have the best imagination EVERRR <br />
    im sensitive, so be careful about what you say.<br />
    my school sucks cow butts.<br />
    im a dreamer.<br />
    i write poems to vent my anger.<br />
    longdistant relationships are stupid.<br />
    dont expect me to curse you out, if you curse me out......... thats what my bffs are for.<br />
    my favorite time is when its dark enough to see the stars sparkle.<br />
    Darfur didnt and still doesnt deserve the horrible treatment it gets.<br />
    pro chioce people, go suck your____*! >XP<br />
    donate if you want, idc, but if you do, i will be very grateful.<br />
    <br />
    BYE BYE NOW!!! ily ily ily! <3333333<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    *ehemmm just fill in the blank with whatever. recommended this fill in the blank: doughnut hole.<br />
    <br />
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