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  • Artist Info: Hello, my name is Kaitlyn for all of you who care. XD ^_^ I am a huge SasoDei fan, and I LOVE anime. anyways~ me and my friends are real close. x3 so don't mess with them. <br />
    Please, take a moment to read this. Hopefully... This may change your colors, or possibly even agree with me. :<<br />
    The higher class in society... A lot of them think they're so much better than the middle and lower class of society. When they think that, they're no better than those dirty crooks in this world... If you believe in something, fight for it. Stand up for yourself. Don't be pushed around, and don't let people take advantage of you. It's wrong when people tease you, hit you.. stab you in the back. We've all probably done that at least once though... and hopefully we regretted it. I know I did... Whatever happened to equality? *sigh* The world today sickens me. Is money more important than the freedom we have today? People kill each other.. and for what? Money.. Jealousy.. Anger.. Or just because. No one should have to be put through stress just because of their differences. It's really sad... Really pathetic. I think that if people actually truly cared.. and tried, the world could be so much better. You should treat others kindly to get that kindness in return.. and avoid the wrath of karma. Animals can't think things through like we do, and yet they don't start world wars... or anything of that nature. People, on the other hand.. We have the intelligence to think things through, and yet we still make the wrong choices, even if we do think of the consequences... I believe in world peace, but how? The way things are now. It's impossible to reach world peace, and settle our differences. Who cares if you're black, white, German, Chinese even. Who gives a shit? We might have differences, but we also have similarities. All of us have the same things in common. What are those things? A heart, a soul, and being a human being. Come on people, can't you see that!? Innocent lives are destroyed everyday because of this shit! It sickens me to my very core... Let's all just be friends..
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