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  • Artist Info: OhhMyyGawwd!<br />
    This Is Kinda Like Myspace But Not As Gay<br />
    >.<<br />
    Yeah..<br />
    I'm Just A Unique Girl...Well..<br />
    Mainly A Tom-Boy Type That Hates To Hang Around With Girly Girls..<br />
    And Yes...<br />
    Im kinda Goth...Mostly Punk...And A Bit Of Rock..<br />
    The Username Is Lame Now..<br />
    I Want It To Be As Demon Chik<br />
    So Yeah,,,<br />
    As Like All Of You People Know..<br />
    I Am Not Single..<br />
    im Taken By This Total Awsome And Funny Dude Named Gregg![a.k.a. My Retard]<br />
    Mhmmm..<br />
    Yeah..<br />
    Well... My fingers Are Getting Lazy By Typing so..<br />
    I g2g..<br />
    Buh-Bye Peeps!
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