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  • Artist Info: Hiya! I guess since you're reading this you want to know some stuff about me.<br />
    Well, let's see. The name is Kyle. I am 15 years old, and livin' in a small town called Olive Branch in the State of Mississippi in the U.S.A.<br />
    First of all, I am interested in everything about military! I even plan to become an officer in the USMC (Abbreviation for United States Marine Corps). So, let's get somethin' straight. You DON'T ever put down the military in front of me cause they fight for YOUR freedom, YOUR lifestyle, and YOUR way of life. Because of the military, YOU and EVERYONE IN THIS NATION can continue with your day, activities, and way of life. Some have even DIED for you to continue living and for this nation and culture so you remember that. And NEVER put down the military in front of me, as stated before.<br />
    Anyways, now that we got that down, I am fascinated and interested in everything military.<br />
    I love video games to!!! I own an X-box 360 and a PC and I am a huge gamer. I like any game that has violence, shooting, and gore!<br />
    I am also a musician, and love to listen to music at the same time! I can play the piano and am learning to play Bass. I love any type of Rock, Alternative, Heavy metal, Nu Metal, Death Metal, and Classical. My favorite bands are Slipknot, System of a Down, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, AC/DC, Disturbed, Beethoven, Mosart, Nickelback.<br />
    I am also a poet, and love reading poetry at the same time! I write poetry, mainly war poetry. Some of the poems I wrote are in my journal and submitted in the Arena! So, I would really appreciate it if you checked them out and left a comment! I appreciate any feedback. smile <br />
    I also love movies to!
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