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  • Artist Info: Hello!<br />
    The name is Michi, username Michicachan999 (pronounced Me-chee-kah-chan).<br />
    Thank you for visiting my profile!! My bestest friend in the whole entire WORLD, my brother Adrein, helped me with it and nobody in the universe could have done a better job. :3 <br />
    There are only a select few things you should absolutely know about me. I'm a very complicated person. I give my all for every one of my friends, I keep my promises to the best of my ability, and it's honestly not hard to make friends with me so long as you're respectful and don't make a sexual reference within every sentence you speak. I talk in either very long sentences or short choppy ones most of the time. Hmmm...I'm working on a "secret" novel, which I hope one day will be published into at least one copy...even if it doesn't become famous or a New York Times Bestseller, I'd be ecstatic to have it in actual book form! <br />
    I'm such the sweet tooth. Dancing is one of the only physical activities I can't live without, although I do enjoy a nice bike ride or jog. I'm very much into academics, a learning fanatic, ESPECIALLY when it comes to biology. <br />
    And last but not least: Elfen Lied and Jigoku Shoujo!! I loves those psychological sy-fy animes for some reason :3 It's like a parallel universe to me. I idol Lucy. @o@ Now I'm just rambling...<br />
    Okies! Maybe I'll change this later when it's not 2 in the morning. XD That's another thing...I love the nightlife!!
    <br />
    <br />
    I'm also an avid Gaia art collector, I love putting together puzzles like the one to the left, and I love the outdoors (as long as it doesn't consist of flying bugs that can bite or sting).<br />
    <br />
    Keep on the look out for the Anime/Videogame Song of the Week! <br />
    I do change it :]<br />
    <br />
    P.S. If you have trouble seeing anything on this profile just highlight it...a little trick I learned from my annoyance with small, almost transparent text such as this.
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