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    ಠ_ಠ Read before asking stupid questions!
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    Hello!I'm Victoria and some call me firin bunny.It very annoyng,boring and makes me angry.I like:sandwiches(few),pizza,ice-cream,my friends,kawaii,brown color,retro wallpapers,making profiles for myself,makin my website,makin raffles,giving out things,helping to others.What I hate annoyng peoples,boring peoples,rude peoples,jokers ( will shot them alll!~)trolls,peoples who smells as baaad and who hate me,peoples who asking ''DONATE to me 1k or more!!''. Read after asking!And I making a Classic profiles just go in my shop* and pay one!<br />
    *Shop-click on the image at bottom.<br />
    How to use profile? Recomended!<br />
    Some help for you are here: Read after doing what ever!! If you wanna to add me click the chicken at bottom near Trade mark.If you wanna to message me click on chicken near Online||Offline buttons.If you wanna to Ignore me click the chicken at bottom-bottom ''About me'' section.If you wanna to comment me Highlight ''Comments'' section top and you will see [Comment] [View Comments] buttons.Repeat it in ''About me'' section highlight top and will see [View Store] [View Guilds] [View Posts] buttons! <br />
    Profile are maked by me and remember you can't copy it.<br />
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