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  • Artist Info: Hey guys! I'm Rima Mashiro!!! I love Kukai!!!! So SHMEXY!!!<br />
    Wait, THATS NOT MY CHARACTER!!!! <br />
    Amu: Its ok to be yourself!!! You just need to calm down!!!<br />
    Rima: Right got it!!! Now go and get me some chocolate!!!!<br />
    Amu: WHAT?!?! You think I'm going to be your slave?!?!?!<br />
    Rima:............*pulls out cell phone*<br />
    Amu:......eh?<br />
    Rima: If you wont help me, than someone else will. What about Slave #21?<br />
    Amu: STOP IT!!!!<br />
    Rima: What just because guys like me and not you doesn't mean you have to be mean.<br />
    Amu: What??? Guys like me!!! There's.....*thinks about Ikuto* NOOOOO!!!!!!! *runs away*<br />
    Rima: .............great, now I need another slave to carry me home...<br />
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