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  • Artist Info: My name is Noah, I'm 18<br />
    I'm GaiaMarried to DecemberDaze <3....RIP<br />
    I'm a really sensitive guy.<br />
    I act cool, but hey i'm really not. I'm just a smart guy that's just over nerd or dork.<br />
    LIFE has kicked my ass a million times, I'm finally kicking back at it.<br />
    I'm complicated, yet simple.<br />
    Randomness.. WAY randomness.<br />
    I will be the worst and best person you ever met.<br />
    I'm very different than everyone in my family.<br />
    I feel that nobody truly understands me.<br />
    I'm paranoid about forgetting things.<br />
    I'm really weird(did I spell that right??)<br />
    I look back on whats happened beforehand WAYtoo much.<br />
    I like Cartoon Network(but who doesn't right??? LULz)<br />
    Nothing I ever do seems good enough for others.<br />
    I get told to act my age all the time. But hey, there isn't a set of rules that I'm supposed to follow for my age, Everyone is different.<br />
    I'm a bit overweight, but I'm working on it... <br />
    I want a singing carrot.<br />
    I am in WAY over my head.<br />
    My whole life has been fucked up by my family.<br />
    I Lurve smileys.<br />
    This is my favorite smiley ^-^.<br />
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