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  • Artist Info: I'm a Dragonborn, here me SHOUT!!!!<br />
    I LOVE SKYRIM!!!!!!!! <3 and Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning and DragonAge one and two OWO<br />
    I LOVE Every Assassin's Creed game =w=<br />
    My Favorite Food right now is SideKick * Harvest Chicken*<br />
    And also the Chicken mini's from Tim Hortons =w=<br />
    ( the BBQ ones ) owo<br />
    I Love Cicero from Skyrim because he makes me laugh in skyrim<br />
    He says to the man, that's not a horker, that's my wife<br />
    - From Cicero <br />
    I'm a huge Tales of Vesperia fan and a whole bunch of other stuff OWO<br />
    I love to cook<br />
    I was born in the year of the DRAGON OWO YAYZ for DRAGONS owo<br />
    I'm a collector of movies ( both anime and non anime ) <br />
    I'm a collector of anything and everything to do with anime and manga<br />
    I love Horror movies ( in my non-anime pile) <br />
    I Play the Xbox 360/ Nintendo 3DS/ PS4 and the PS2/PSP<br />
    My favorite games right now is Skyrim and Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning<br />
    Fallout 4, Borderlands the handsome collection <br />
    I love Stephen King Novels and Movies<br />
    I love covering my ceiling in posters <br />
    I have to read at least one fanfiction story a day<br />
    I LOVE my iphone OWO<br />
    My favorite fanfiction site is fanfiction.net<br />
    plus i love mangafox.com<br />
    I Love reading Webcomics<br />
    I could not live without my Tablet
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