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  • Artist Info: Hello fellow friends, and other people who are not my friends(But shold become my friend as soon as possible -^_^-) <br />
    I am James, To sum up all about me, I'm AWESOME!!!! XD And my favorite Word is AWESOME!!! For the record, not Gay. (But I have nothing against them biggrin )<br />
    <br />
    If you want detail read below.<br />
    <br />
    I am kinda a band nerd, but its fun, if you don't think so you hate music,Speaking of Band im also an expert Drumbz Player at Rockband, call me a nerd now! And speaking of video games, that is another thing that i am a nerd in. But i can't be a nerd gets Straight A's and im stupid as hell! X) Love to read Manga, and watch Anime too. My friend got me into Dragon Ball cuz he said they fucked up the movie that recently came out and i wanted to see how, he was right. I would have watched Dragon Ball earlier in life but my Dad forbid it cuz of "WitchCraft"(He's retarded) And I love makin New friends(Espeialy best friends XD)But those are just my main traits about me.Pretty long<br />
    <br />
    Oh one more thing. I am also a AB/DL. Don't know what that is? GOOD, because you would probably judge me negitivly like a lot of the other people who judge the community of which I fall into with bad stereotypes. But unless you are a very open minded person, then will highly respect you ^_^ Anyway If you are somebody like me in this case, Talk to me!!! Lets be BEST FRIENDS!!!! XD Y am I being vauge? Its because some of my friends that I ineract with Outaide Gaia may read this. And I am afraid they would not accept me :/
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