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  • Artist Info: DuDE! HellO WorLd THiS is My pROfILe ! biggrin uM i LIKE HElO kITTY alOT ALTHOUGH my PRoFile ISNT coVERed WItH hELLo KiTTY I pretty mUch WeAR a HELlO kItty shirt EverydAY sO sUCK oN that!I TaLk aLOT!! I LikE ViDeO gAMEs AloT I PlaY On pSN PM me sO wE CaN tAlK ABoUt vIdEogAmes lol (wE'll BE On fOR hOUrs) ;D. I like Rock MUsic IT makes me feel LiKE TherEs More To LIfE ThaT wE CanT sEEm 2 fiND aND slOW music MAKeS my Tummy AND hEart FEeL haPPY smile i LIKE bOYS there VERy pREtty :3 iM mEXicaN aND i SPEAK sPANISH (OBVIOUSLY)! i LIKE LOTS OF STUUF ANd iTS mosTly ON my PROfiLE biggrin My FAvoRITeS foOD iS doNUts ANd I LiKE people TAHt arE nicE To ME I dONt GIve a DaMn whO YoU arE but if YOur aStRAIGht Up BItCH doNT bOTHER tALKiNG 2 ME! My FAvoRitE cOLor Is GReeN AND My BeStiE 4 Life Is LISA bOPf iiLiSa66 !! biggrin i CUREnTlY hAVe a SEcREt CrUSH tHAT no One WILL evER know ABOUT BUt ME and MY HEarT! nO iM nOT tELLing YoU lisA!!! LOL So YAH JusT stICK aroUND cuz ILL always be WRItiNG stUFf HERe<br />
    <br />
    **&lt;3 KaSsaNDrA <br />
    *ThErEs mOrE 2 lIfe We caNt sEeM 2 FinD*<br />
    - KLM
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