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  • Artist Info: Heyy the name is Jessica! My first day on earth was on the 29th of July! I'm Mexican! I like music but I LOVE Art! I also dance hip hop I'm hoping to be in D E Underground when i try out this summer! I go to Black Diamond! Im blessed to have God im my life or I dont know what I would do! Hit me up to know more! Get to know me a little better biggrin <br />
    <br />
    Definition of Jessica: a woman i know who is incredibly sexy and i love her so much. she is the most amazing person alive and if you dont think so you deserve to die. amazingly there are some people who actually dont like her. but thats just because they're jealous and they're all asses anyway so no one cares about them. jessica deserves everything in the world and id do anything for her. ill never leave her side and i'll always be her best friend.<br />
    Me - Dude, I love Jessica. <br />
    Friend - Me too. Who doesn't? <br />
    Me - Stupid fuckers that's who.<br />
    <br />
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