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  • Artist Info: Name:Liberty<br />
    Age:14<br />
    Hobbie: what ever im into at the time<br />
    Pet(s):4 dogs, a cat, a geko, a snake,and a taranchula<br />
    Height:5'2"<br />
    Hair color:Naturally Blond <br />
    Weight: i dont care<br />
    Eye Color:blue with a strang yellow/bron ring around the pupil ( YAY FOR BLUE EYES)<br />
    Favorite Quote:"Candy: taste like chicken, if chicken was a candy"<br />
    Farorite Text:stfu!!!<br />
    Favorite Saying: they say wounds heal over time, but what if you open them?<br />
    Favorite TV Show:metalocalypse and south park<br />
    Favorite Food:Italian<br />
    Intrests:STUFF!!!!!!!!!<br />
    Favorite Place: my bed<br />
    Favorite Subject In Shcool:german (im gona take it in high scool)<br />
    Shcool Name:UR A BLOODY STALKER<br />
    Hated Subject:math<br />
    Favorite Cuss word:hypocite<br />
    Idol: Toki Wartooth and Murdoc Niccals<br />
    Achivements surprised ma slaker, who need achivements<br />
    Background:mostly german, a little irish, british, and native american too<br />
    Favorite Color:RED <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    i get really freaked out easy<br />
    i have ocd and possably add <br />
    im a paranoid dyslexic hemophiliac<br />
    i have to many phobias<br />
    im not a god damn nazi DK<br />
    and i want to live in germany
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