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  • Artist Info: heyyyyy wat up lyndsey herrrree biggrin ummmm welllll im 15 i go to a school high ima 9th grader uhhhh i lovvve to play video games and look at action movies. i like comedy too (^.^)a. i am a artist i love to draw here and there, i mostly draw when im borrrreedd. letsss seeee ummm i dont like reading at all, ill only read if the book is really good, or a book that just has pictures smile , i am also a christian and i only listen to welll christian music lol, i work with my two sisters in my brothers fashion company creating different cloths. me and my sister genice come up with designs for the clothes, and my other sis dose the paper work in geting famous people to wear out clothes. one of my fav famous people that we got to wear our clothes is the steelers, it was great ^_^, well yea that is pretty much me, if u want to check out my brothes page go to www.myspace.com/intity <br />
    <br />
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