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    Alrighty, I'm a depressed couch potato, living somewhere on this rock hurling through the void. <br />
    I love reading, specifically fantasy and science fiction. <br />
    Really any music I wish to listen to is my jam.<br />
    Prefer colorful and/or complicated avatars but, can appreciate actual outfits. Kudos to ya'll. <br />
    I have a wild imagination that rarely sees the light of day, I'm too busy talking to myself to write it down.<br />
    I enjoy many alcoholic beverages and spend waaay too much on said beverages, woo! <br />
    I'm never on, except to change my outfit and I talk to no one.<br />
    If I am on, I can either be found in the Avatar arena, the runway, or lurking in the WG/CB forum. wahmbulance <br />
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