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  • Artist Info: Well if you can't tell my my selection of musical taste I am a very ... unique person I guess they would call it. I don't tend to actually watch a lot of TV as those annoying commercials really are starting to annoy me ... geez do they have to be on every 15 min for 5 min?! Because of that I tend to play a lot more video games then anything else. Even some of the earlier ones are far more entertaining and interactive then TV ever was! Of course because of this I've become quite a game collector! From Calico to PS3 I've been trying to collect every game I think is worth playing. Alright I might not have a Calico yet but I do have an old Atari personal computer that still works! I mostly like old classic games from systems like Sega Master System and Super Nintendo! Where do you think all this sprite animations evolved from? I guess games could also be attributed to my love in art too, as games often would use cartoon style images in old instruction manuals depicting the funny looking sprites on the screen to make you go "Oh! that's suppose to be a mushroom man!" Of course if I was to list ALL my favourite games it would take a huge chunk of my profile ...<br />
    <br />
    I try to read good books but I learned to read, honestly, though comics. My dad was an old comic collector and I got to read a lot of classics. Guess that's where I get my collecting for games from ... anyways though my taste is a little different then my dad's I still got a love for comics. Mostly Manga lately. I really like that 'Shonen Jump!' Magazine cause it shows a lot of really cool anime without buying a whole book of it at one go! Of course the company also sells novel like collections of a lot of the title they show in the book, and if your looking for something you should check this magazine out!<br />
    <br />
    About the only other think I do is ramble on about this and that when I have nothing to do. Sometimes just writing something for people to read gives you interesting insight of what people think, and that's something I've been studying. The human mind is so dynamic it could blow your mind away, and that Sigmand Froid was a complete nut job in my eyes though some of this theories weren't too far off ... Though a lot of others have left the field questionable by people ...<br />
    <br />
    This could go on and on, but I should stop it there ... maybe add something if I feel I need too ... just wanted to fill out this profile some more!
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