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  • Artist Info: Holla Gaia mateys!^^ Call me by the name..Skirtie tiffy or Tiffy for short razz <br />
    > I aint that active in Gaia but expect me to reply U as fast as lightning^^<br />
    >I'm ur friendly gal neighborhood but at ze same time..your WORST...nightmare? razz <br />
    >Don't make me mad coz i EXPLODE with rage..> smile <br />
    >I have a full japanese blood^^ i don't care if you don't believe me though razz <br />
    >People around calls me..Kisa Kisa/Mihiko<br />
    >I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy (that's pretty obvious already) and Anime!^^<br />
    >Cloud Strife is for Tifa not for Aerith..lol.. razz to people who believes CLERITH..=_=..get a life..........<br />
    >I'm rude at times,snobbish sometimes, and a happy-go lucky type of person razz <br />
    >I like anything different and weird^^ (I'm already weird myself.. razz )<br />
    >I can play the piano and I luv making my own mangas too^^<br />
    >Sometimes,i think its better being EVIL.. razz more fun!<br />
    >Talk to me first then i'll talk to ya^^<br />
    >I'm sometimes clumsy and boring too..=_=<br />
    >Complements keeps me goin!^^<br />
    >Broken promises are Untolerable<br />
    >RPG princess^___^<br />
    >thats all! dont forget to leave a comment or add me before leaving hell!^^<br />
    <br />
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