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  • Artist Info: ummmmmmmmm.......................<br />
    i like ANIME ALOT!!!!<br />
    i like peaches and kiwis and pomegranate! (ps i like kiwi birds too)<br />
    i watch Sailor moon, naruto, ultra maniac(but i like the book more), Tokyo mew mew, lucky star and other anime shows!<br />
    i like most manga books......<br />
    and i make anime/chibi hatz<br />
    (yeah i know i misspelled it, that's how i spell it! teehee!)<br />
    my business is called SpaZ HAtZ!!!<br />
    (woot !)<br />
    i like Pepsi and White Rabbit Candies!!!!<br />
    SQUEEEEE!!!<br />
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