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    I am Azeizel<br />
    What's up? Anything you need to know just send me a pm. I do avi art if you are interested just pm me. I adore all of my friends because they are true to themselves. I try to keep a positive out look on life so don't bring your emo shit near me. I do donate so if you need a small donation I'll see what I can do at the time- if I have no gold it obviously means I have no gold, so don't ask me to sell my items for you- that is completely up to me. Do not ask me 100 thousand times if my items have sold I will warn you one time and one time only. But if you just want to chat with me go on ahead I try to keep an open mind and I love dirty jokes, Margarita's, sex, and good music just as much as the next person.<br />
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