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  • Artist Info: so heres a little about me, HALO!!!!!!!!,<br />
    Name: E.Logan K.<br />
    Age:17(Dec. 23)<br />
    Relationship Happily Taken<br />
    Location: USA south carolina<br />
    Personality:moderately expressed introvert.<br />
    slightly expressed sensing personality<br />
    slightly expressed feeling personality<br />
    slightly expressed perceiving personality<br />
    Hobbies: i like to draw, play Halo, listen to Korn, Linken Park, Gorrilaz, Mindless Self Indulgence, and all of the between. And loves coffee. cant go a day without coffee.<br />
    Interests: anime, mangas (all of them!! XD), pokemon, naruto, bleach, fullmetal alchemist, death note, monster. And drawing.AND LOTS OF SLEEPING!!!!!!!!!
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