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    Name: Delilah<br />
    Nickname: Nugget, Dee. Dd<br />
    Birthday: 11/7<br />
    Height: 5'1 & a half<br />
    Hair color: Almost a golden- But thats only in the light (looks brown)<br />
    Eye Color: Light brown - looks reg. brown<br />
    Oriëntation: I dont go that way or that way' I go straight ♥<br />
    Relationship: Sinqle x;<br />
    Drinking- I drink coquito's w/ alcohol shh x:<br />
    Smoking: Nope.<br />
    Piercings: Just a regular ear one. I want more though :]<br />
    Tattoo: Nope.<br />
    Favorite Pets: Lions, cats, & monkeys<br />
    Favorite color: red & pink<br />
    Hobbie: Dancinq . Ilove dancinq <3<br />
    What i hate: Fakeness' but if you are you're dropped , ihate childness<br />
    I'm funny , and nice(jokin aroud) but I dont be getting horny off pixels and crazy stuff like that. & people who think they better than everyone else<br />
    What I love: Frank Ocean . Search him up. Chris brown ♥.♥ . &Dancing. ONE DIRECTIOOOON !!!
    <br />
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