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  • Artist Info: Ahhh, Whell.<br />
    The name's Ashley and I'm 15.<br />
    I'm 5'2'' and I have brown, blonde, and black hair. I also have blue, green and grey-ish eyes. (:<br />
    I love most genres of music and I'm typically weird.<br />
    Bright and dark colours are great to me.<br />
    I'm pretty easy to get along with and it's very easy to make me smile.<br />
    Pick up lines, make my day. Try a few?<br />
    I collect Hello Kitty and I'm on the computer way to much.<br />
    I tend to be labeled scene/emo. It doesn't bother me. If you have a problem with the way I dress, how I do my hair and stuff. It's all cool. I'm not conceited, and it's just a label based on trends. You can get the right to hate me, AFTER you know me. Not just by how I look. Thanks.<br />
    But I do take more of an interest into scene/emo guys. Judge me? Go ahead.<br />
    I generally love hugs from anyone and photography is one of my hobbies.<br />
    I write poetry that is usually tragic. Gore is pretty cool too.<br />
    I get aggrivated somewhat easily and I'm more forgiving than most.<br />
    I'll always try to be your friend. I like to RP, a lot. (:<br />
    I talk a lot, and I fan girl, so excuse me for this. ;D<br />
    I've always wanted to dance in the rain with a special someone.<br />
    <br />
    MSN: sailorstar06@hotmail.com<br />
    MYSPACE: 188584395
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