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  • Artist Info: well well well so you want ta know about me huh? and i can chose ta give you that information oh i feel so much power at this moment!!! =D hhhmmmm and ta top it off i just think im gunna put some random happy ice cream in the pitcher<br />
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    awww isnt that special ^-^ well i guess i mite share some things on the top of my head that are about my self >.> im 15 yrs old my favorite color'z blue i love to draw i do it every day >.> and i love music with all my life... oh and i love Jesus with my other life =] and if you rely care you will ask more about me catch cha l8er =P oh and im not gunna tell yah my name i like ta keep them guessing ...wwooshaaahh [][][] ~Heyy this is Jasmine hackin my awesome gaia sis. I haven't known her long but as of for how long i've known i can say she chill and cool to be around i couldn't ask for a better sis ;] Shes amazing and shes hella hot xP rite? <3..Yeah anywayz shes cool and funny and shes very sweet i love her to death so dont mess with her~ D:< Or chu will die x3 Well thats all for now ;]<br />
    ~Jasmine <br />
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    ╔══╗♫<br />
    ║██║Put this<br />
    ║(o) ║on you page<br />
    ╚══╝if u love music!
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