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  • Artist Info: Hi hello there...i am thirteen years of age and i am okay with it. I live in a place in Indiana its pretty awesome i guess...Hm well i like Never Shout Never and The Used and some other bands :].Well i am single currently oh well i like and play video games until they piss me off then i turn them off :3.I love sweetish fish and tacos and llamas and other stuff to :].I hate those people who use you and people who cheat on you and toy with you and make you have feelings for them and those snobby duesh bags that are just snobby duesh bags :[.I can be confusing a lot and make no sense so don't worry your not stupid and i have a hard time trusting people and i have been mistreated by people but don't feel sorry for me im fine without your sorrys [yes i spelled it wrong -w-] .i love hugs they make me happy and it makes me giggle~.I care for the wrong people and i trusted so many wrong people and that was my fault.Love me or not . im sorry if im not as great as i should be but deal with it my name is leah, im real and i have problems ;D.<br />
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