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    <br />
    <br />
    Fragile<br />
    I thought for so long<br />
    "Where did I go wrong?"--<br />
    Was it when I was two?<br />
    The day I first met you?--<br />
    Then through all of the years<br />
    Of emptiness and tears--<br />
    Days went by<br />
    And still I cry--<br />
    Because of the things that I miss.<br />
    I miss being a happy child<br />
    So smooth tempered and mild--<br />
    No acne there<br />
    No facial hair--<br />
    Waiting for bliss<br />
    Of my first kiss--<br />
    Innocence and purity<br />
    No jelousy, no insecurity--<br />
    But too late for that now.<br />
    This world has left me tainted<br />
    A fence that's been twice painted--<br />
    A firey well of sin<br />
    Made of hot asphalt and tin--<br />
    Beauty and youth both gone<br />
    Oh where did I go wrong?--<br />
    My final thoughts: Your tender love<br />
    Gliding as if it were Noah's dove--<br />
    The final fantasy of my life.<br />
    <br />
    By my best friend Eddie Arguelles Spaghetti.
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