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  • Artist Info: Hi person who is viewing my profile(Say hi or else , just look at the screen and say hi!!!!)Anyways in gaia I enjoy Rping in my fav guild<br />
    Coral Star Shinigami,I also enjoy w chating to my friends making new friends and having a great time!Right now im in middleschool (7th grade).When im not online I enjoy playing Shan'n(X-Box360!!!)--the games I play are Dynasty Warriors 6 ,Afro samurai all japanese fun-fun games...and ya im black(who cares razz piss off)-hmmmmm-oh and I luv wacthing Anime thats why my names Animi as in ANIME the anime I enjoy watching are:Bleach , Code Geass , Naurto<NO DUB>Inyyashi ,Deathnote and many many mor,I also luv to draw its my life as while as writting...When i'm not doing these things im either with my friends or goffing off(im not a total goof ball when it comes to school im geek--ya but this geek is a bad speelerXD)So If ya wana be my friend KEWL , but what really ticks me off is r-rated peaple(You know what I mean)Freaks(emo's r ok but i really dont socail with them to much--)losers who are mean to noobs and others mean pll so if you fall under these categories dont bother to add me , becuase your avi outfit tells it all smile
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    Total Value: 447,036 Gold, 10,000 Tickets<br />
    [Item Information]<br />
    <br />
    Item List:<br />
    GO Phones<br />
    Scientific Calculator<br />
    Yama no Tamago<br />
    Chyaku Norisu Scarf<br />
    Adobe Leather Kachina Dancer Boots<br />
    Gold Mountain Red Vest And Shirt<br />
    Stallion Black Polyester Pants<br />
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