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  • Artist Info: My name's Darian & i love photography & being creative! biggrin <br />
    I love vampires & other mythological things. I love to research things if you can believe that. Not school things of course, but things like bands & people i'm interested in. <br />
    Some people think i'm a freak, but i'm unique. I wear what i like & if people don't like it then oh well. I'm somewhat oppinionated. If i have a question or a comment, i'll tell you. I try to lie as little as possable, but i'm human as we all are & all i can do is try not to make mistakes & when i do, talk to God about it.<br />
    Whenever i find a movie i like i'll watch it so much that i can say every word & sing every song just because i rock like that. wink i watch the movie with the subtitals to i know exactly what the words are haha.<br />
    Whenever i find a song i like, i look up the lyrics so i know when i sing it i'm singing the right words & not sounding like a dweeb. <br />
    I started learning to play the piano in April (2010).<br />
    I have issues spelling things sometimes so you gotta bare with me on that haha. smile <br />
    I don't really read a book more than once because i already know how it's going to end. But i've reread Impluse by Ellen Hoppkins because i loved it so much. When i write, i never know what's going to come out. i love writing poems, even though i'm not very good haha. smile i love Edgar Allen Poe & learning about him.<br />
    I hate fishing & immature people. I have a bad temper & you don't wanna get on my bad side. But i'm working on that.<br />
    I love God with all my heart & i want to make him proud. smile he's one of my heros if you can call him that. My other heros are my big brother (well, he's really my cousin, but we're so close we're like brother & sister) Kenny & any person that has built their life up from close to nothing.
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