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    Name: Bianca<br />
    Age: 18<br />
    Status: Single -.-<br />
    Avi's Location: Born in Village Greens and Technically living in Gold Beach<br />
    Location: California<br />
    Gender: A female species smile <br />
    Lifestyles: My Life<br />
    What i'm going on this website: On marketplace or zOMG<br />
    Love it when: people send me coins or buy stuff from my store<br />
    Wish for gaia: To make my dream avi come true:<br />
    How to get that wish: Save coins, sell some things, help people who help me.<br />
    <br />
    Avi Art: Im looking for avi art and if you can do one, pm me smile <br />
    <br />
    Item List:
    <br />
    Jenny Doll
    <br />
    Madame Gypsy
    <br />
    Elegant Black Satin Vest
    <br />
    Bronze Prince's Rapier
    <br />
    Neutral Starter Pirate Puffy Pants
    <br />
    Large Pirate Hat
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