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  • Artist Info: Well I'm Known by many Aliases Brittany, Ggem3,Gem,Gembli,and misslovett<br />
    I play Minecraft-as Misslovett<br />
    I play World of Warcraft-On Blackwater Raiders as Troll Druid Gembli, and Goblin Rogue Kyprioth<br />
    If you play any of the above feel free to give me a shoutout if you'd like to hang there as well.<br />
    I'm a big fan of all things Disney heart and I love all things Potter as well. <br />
    My Favorite author is Tamora Pierce, and my favorite series is her Song of the Lioness Quartet.<br />
    Among her I enjoy books by Sarah Dessen, Ellen Wittlinger, Cameron Dokey, and some Dean Koontz.<br />
    I tend to be on the Shyer side of things in most aspects, and I have many blonde moments despite my being a brunette. I love to laugh and sing and Music is essential for my life!
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