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  • Artist Info: The name is Donuteseunoe! Donut for short! This is my real name too! Well, it's my real nickname anyway. I've been known as Donut for quite some time now. Probably around six years now. And I owe it all to a four legged creature that decided it was okay to eat the lettuce from a sandwich. A sandwich that someone had thrown out of their vehicle window. It was located in the middle of a road I was driving down. It was dark outside and I'm traveling from a friend's home and came to a curve in the road. By the time I seen that creature, a deer, my front left wheel was already on top of the deer's antlers. The antlers punctured my tire and went flat. The deer was not harmed and ran off into the woods.<br />
    <br />
    I replaced the damaged tire with the spare tire, also known as a donut. I did not have a full size tire to replace the damaged one so... the donut was to only choice I had. My friends later learned of my situation and questioned me about a true replacement tire. I said I would get one the next day. Well, two weeks had gone by and I haven't replaced the donut on my car with a normal tire. And so what started as a small joke, calling me donut, stuck with me long after I replaced the donut on my car. Donut was created! Hope you enjoyed my little story. What nick names do you have? Let me know. -Mister_Donut
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