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    ~random stuff that will help u get to no me~<br />
    <br />
    ~do u like's~<br />
    do u like pie: uhh no ?<br />
    do u like girls: uhh yeah<br />
    do u like guys: uhh what u think DUMB SHYTE!!<br />
    do u like cake: uhh yeah ;D<br />
    do u like money: yeah duh dats how i treat my girls <.< >.><br />
    do u like pussy: hell yeah <br />
    do u like dogs: yep<br />
    do u like cats: not really but i seen a cat dat acts like a dog an drools ;D<br />
    do u like bunny's: maybe <.< >.><br />
    do u like food: o.o doesnt every 1?<br />
    do u like ur girl: uhh yeah???<br />
    do u like movies: yeah<br />
    do u like da computer: yeah<br />
    do u like porno: o.o maybe <.< >.> shh dont tell me girl D;<br />
    do u like gettin in fights: hell yeah<br />
    do u like doing chores: naw<br />
    do u like school: nawt really<br />
    do u like cookies: kinda :/<br />
    <br />
    ~have u ever's~<br />
    have u ever drank: yep<br />
    have u ever smoked: yep have u ever kissed a girl: yep <br />
    have u ever broke some ones heart: yep V.V<br />
    have u ever got a brokes heart: yep V.V<br />
    have u ever got stabbed: yep <br />
    have u ever did drugs: naw<br />
    have u ever bin arrested: yep<br />
    have u ever got shot: naw <br />
    have u ever beat some 1 up:yeah<br />
    have u ever ben beat up: yep<br />
    have u ever killed some 1:naw<br />
    have u ever ben to da hospital:yep<br />
    have u ever drank an drive'd:naw<br />
    have u ever cooked:yep <br />
    have u ever sky dived: nope to scary D; <br />
    have u ever stabbed some 1: naw<br />
    have u ever had a kid: naw'<br />
    have u ever had a hickie: o.o maybe<br />
    have u ever hit a girl:naw<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    ~would u ever's~<br />
    would u ever kill some1:naw<br />
    would u ever brake a girls heart: id try not too<br />
    would u ever sky dive:hall naw dat shtye crazy: <br />
    would u ever hit a girl:naw<br />
    would u ever give a girl a hickie:yep<br />
    would u ever let a girl give u a hickie:yep<br />
    would u ever drink an drive:naw<br />
    would u ever go out wit 1 of ur best friends sisters o.o naw well maybe<br />
    would u ever get invoved wit all dis gang shyte: maybe<br />
    would u ever go to a strip bar: to much<br />
    would u ever join da mob; maybe <br />
    would u ever hurt a girl in any way :naw would not want to<br />
    would u ever take stariods:naw<br />
    would u ever join da NFL: yeah<br />
    would u ever join da u.s.m.c yep marines <br />
    would u ever join da swat:maybe<br />
    would u ever have kids :yeah<br />
    would u ever be a rapper: aimin on it<br />
    <br />
    ~whats ur favorite's~<br />
    whats ur favorite color: green<br />
    whats ur favorite animal:taz main ein devil -ps dont no how to spell it<br />
    whats ur favorite food:pizza<br />
    whats ur favorite activity:foot ball<br />
    whats ur favorite song:ludacris last of a dying breed<br />
    whats ur favorite 360 game confused call of duty 4<br />
    whats ur favorite thing about girls: da well u noe ;D<br />
    whats ur favorite kind of girl: shy'ish cute swee honest u noe ;]<br />
    whats ur favorite movie confused strangers <br />
    whats ur favorite dissert: hmm eatin me girl up ;D<br />
    whats ur favorite hobbie:hangen out wit my girl or textin :/<br />
    whats ur favorite online game: :/ gaia<br />
    whats ur favorite wepon?????: uhh ? wdf ????? mp40<br />
    whats ur favorite state: jamaca <br />
    whats ur favorite plaace to go: to my girls house<br />
    whats ur favorite singer confused ???? humon <br />
    whats ur favoritehomie confused ?? humon <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    ~i hope that helped u get to noe me better!~<br />
    ~pm me if u wanna noe more!
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