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  • Artist Info: Hey my name is Matt Simmons. I'm goth, so go away if that bugs you. I'm 16, like it matters anyway. I'm in love with the kindest, sweetest, most beautyful, amusing girl in the world, her name's Hawthorne. I'm normally a grumpy hate all life kind a person, but when Hawthorne is around I might not show it but I one of the happyest people I can think of. I don't deserve her and I'm glad I have her.<br />
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    Name:James<br />
    Likes:Skulls, darkness, candy, graveyards, monsters, screamo, blood, chains, spikes, to be alone<br />
    Doesn't like:people, red-necks<br />
    Owner mad xmidnight_reaperxx<br />
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