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    <br />
    Hello there my beautiful Gaian friends~<br />
    I guess we should start off by me intrducing myself. Ehe... Many people on Gaia refer to me as Zailem or 'Z', but many of my living breathing friends and family call me Li, Lili, Lian, Lianna, Peanut (grandma), Pookerz, even 'YOU'. It's pretty scary all the names i'm called. D,: But I don't mind one bit! <br />
    I'm a pretty cool and calm little lady with my sometimes 'goofy' moments and my horrible 'hot headed' moments, but I'm no meany~ I like to talk and cheer others up. At times I joke around with others. Maybe a little game here and there.. Yeah... But I'm not that boring!! I'm actually active and I love to write/type. I find myself to be very literate for a thirteen year old girl. :] Some peoples may have seen my posts in the forums. Maybe not, but it's all good! I'll just stalk you where ever you go... Okay, scratch that out.<br />
    Aside from my literate ways I also have an artistic side~ <br />
    Say hello to my little friend... My left hand says "hello"! Haha... Yup, I'm a lefty, and a proud one at that. I enjoy making arts and at times art for others... But don't expect to pay, I hate to make Gaians spend their money on drawings... Seems so weird. |: "I liek de freebies~!"<br />
    I also like the VIDEO GAMES!!! If you dislike videogames... I feel sorryfor you. Me, I like just about anything. Except for;<br />
    Scary games, retarded games, Dora games, games that seem cool but actually are not, the ones that make you think :,B, if they have creepy monstahs count me out. (I wasn't born to pee my pants, alright?!).<br />
    I think it would be easier if i told you what kind of games I like;<br />
    Shooting games, Adventure/travel games, RPG's, simulation games, mystery games, racing and fighting games, SEGA~<br />
    I currently own and/or am playing;<br />
    XBox 360:;: CODMW2, RainbowSixVegas, Halo 3, Rock Band 2, Lego Batman, Pure, Magna Carta 2<br />
    Wii:;: Sonic Unleashed, COD World at War<br />
    So ya... I own those games, but I also play my sister's games which I did not list. Oh, I also have Sims 3 for the laptop and some tycoon games... That I lost..<br />
    TTM, (Talk To Meh), about games you have and/or want, games you are currently playing, even game listings. I would love to hear your reviews on a few~ :3<br />
    Anyways, I own a MaltiPoo named Snappy who I currently an not living with since these stupid town house appartment thingies won't allow animals |:< He is three years old and, I think, born in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm from New Jersey though ;D<br />
    I like banana's, so let's talk about monkies~<br />
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