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    Mm-Hm. The name is Lillian Valentine. Lilly. I got friends but <br />
    I got haters too. I'm talkative, random, sexy, funny, annoying, and so much more ;] I'm a fucktard, so what? Yeah, I'm different. I'm single. I hate so much stuff, and I love alot of things. I was born in this screwed up world in Los Angeles, CA, on Oct. 30th. I have siblings, I'm the youngest, even though I'm just 16. I've got a blackbelt in Karate ;P wait, switch that to shopping <3<br />
    I'm a true scene / emo, but with a tomboyish touch ;] Hit Me Up! <br />
    Comment, PM, yeah, yeah, yeah. You talk, I talk back, if you wanna know more, I'll be glad to answer your questions. See-yah ;]<br />
    <br />
    ♥ What I <3 ♥ <br />
    "Txtin, Summer, Music, Big Hair, Hello Kitty, Anime, Kaname Kuran, Vampire Knight, Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance, Ouran High School Host Club, Boys, Bright Colors, Rainbows, Hot topic, Shopping, Sleeping, Vampires, Blood, Dancing, Skittles, Candy, Sugar, COFFEE <3, Rainy Days, Sunny Days, Darkness, Black, Red, Skinny Jeans, Eyeliner, Hot Topic, My Friends, Animals, Gir, Random Stuff, && Much More."<br />
    <br />
    ☼ What I </3 ☼ <br />
    "Children, Girly-Girls, Very Bright Days, Twilight, Robert Pattison, Hannah Montana, Posers, Haters, Hackers, Annoying People, Beggers, Loud People, Loud Places, Spiders ((Arachnophobia)) && So Much More."<br />
    <br />
    ☺ Who I'd Like to Meet ☺<br />
    "Gerard Way, WWE Superstars, The MCR Band, God >Later< My Real Parents, Alex Evans, Andy Sixx, The Scene Queens, Jeffree Star, Bam, Rob Dyrdek, George Lopez, && So Much More People!"<br />
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