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  • Artist Info: Yo.<br />
    I'm a girl.<br />
    I like to sing.<br />
    I like to dance.<br />
    I'm Filipino (which means I'm Asian).<br />
    I'm an Otaku.<br />
    Which also means I like to cosplay.<br />
    I like drawing.<br />
    Even though my drawings are crap (though my friends say otherwise =^=).<br />
    My favourite drink is Taro bubble tea.<br />
    My favourite food right now is lasgna.<br />
    I'm craving Pocky (like always).<br />
    The anime I am watching is One Piece.<br />
    I know how to dance Love and Joy, Massara Blue Jeans, Greed's Accident, Toroden, Hare Hare Yukai, Motteke Sailor-Fuku, Caramelldansen, World is Mine, and Yes.<br />
    I'm learning the dances Bad Apple, Matryoshka, Just Be Friends, Kero 9 Destiny, Cagayake Girls, Renai Circulation, and Kurutto Mawatte Ikkaiten.<br />
    I'm not going to list the songs I've learned/I am learning because there's much too many.<br />
    I have short black hair, which curls out at the ends.<br />
    I have dark brown eyes.<br />
    I think I am very similiar to Konata Izumi from Lucky Star (I'm short compared to my peers, and I even have the mole on the left side of my face near my eye).<br />
    I like wearing men's shirts.<br />
    Me and my friends have a blog. <br />
    We usually talk about anime and VOCALOID.<br />
    On the blog I like to write series posts about Naruto.<br />
    Yes, I know I'm a geek.<br />
    Our blogs URL is http://happee432.wordpress.com/<br />
    I'm going to go now.
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