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  • Artist Info: Hello everybody who likes to know something about me ;D<br />
    First at all my name is Ann-Kathrin and I'm going to University studying Computer science =) I live in Germany, in a little town which is known for her industries xD' (not really environmentally friendly... but it's getting better)<br />
    I like pets and nature so much <3 that's why I have a little zoo at home wink <br />
    What I do in my freetime is ''working'' at my pc, pictures and so on.. making videos =) but also I like playing MMO's together with my boyfriend wink <br />
    <br />
    My hobbies aren't so special I think, but, because this is under the title ''about myself'' I have to write about myself xD so.. here it is:<br />
    I like...<br />
    Dragons, because they are so mystical and beautiful =)<br />
    Animals, nature and great landscapes, yeah, that's what life means ^-^<br />
    Anime & Manga =D and their smileys ( > ^~^<>^.^< ) wuhu~ <3<br />
    Fun in every situation xP hope ya gettin' burned muha~<br />
    <br />
    Now, what do you think about me? xD Hope ya didn't get bored or asleep ^-^ ;P
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