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  • Artist Info: hey!!!! im rachel, im 14, im in 9th grade,i LOVE soccer, and horses, and drawing, and the Steelers, Manchester United, ummmm...think think think, my favorite color is blue, and im really blonde (in and on my head), and i live in Maryland. whoop whoop!yay for crabcakes...ive had one bf in my entire life (not counting the one i had when i was 3! i haves curly hair, im not fat but not skinny. i think my hands are too big for the rest of me. maybe thats why my handwriting is absolutley tragic...<br />
    my favorite horse breeds are....ardenne, paso fino, barb, clydsdale, andalusian, fresian, and rhineland heavy. (and half of anyone who looks at that wont give a crap, but for those of u who are in the least bit interested, there u go!) im not emo or goth or any of that, just...hmm...ur average 14 year old? not sure. i love random pms and comments and stuff. mmmk i think thats it... for now.<br />
    OH!! i LOVE cars. love love love love classic and supercars. the cars of today just dont have as much charachter as the really old ones. except maybe Zimmers, but they kinda icky. older Porche's, Maserati's, GTO's, Bel-Aire's,roadsters, Austins, Fiat (Jollys are adorable), Woodys, older fords (like the chubby trucks), De Sotos, Camaro, Chevelle, Firebird, MGA's, and Austin Powers's Shaguar. ok NOW thats it...<br />
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