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  • Artist Info: Helo. X3 <br />
    This is Voice6 squeaking. I'm the main 1. Sumtimes the other voices get jealous and remind me of things. biggrin <br />
    <br />
    ~~L (Death Note)<br />
    ~~Hiruma (Eyeshield 21) <br />
    ~~Gazille (Fairy Tail)<br />
    ~~Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist)<br />
    ~~Russia (Hetalia)<br />
    ~~Hidan (Naruto Shippuden)<br />
    ~~Kubinashi, Inugami (Nurarihyon no Mago)<br />
    ~~Brook, Trafalgar Law (One Piece)<br />
    ~~Lance/Wataru (Pokemon)<br />
    ~~Let (Rave Master)<br />
    ~~Ryou, Yami Marik (Yu-Gi-Oh)<br />
    ~~N (Pokemon)<br />
    ~~Gamzee (Homestuck) <br />
    ~~Neuro (Neuro)<br />
    ~~Snake (Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji)<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Bakuman<br />
    Black Butler<br />
    Blue Exorcist<br />
    Case Closed/ Detective Conan<br />
    Death Note<br />
    Eyeshield 21<br />
    Fairy Tail<br />
    Hellsing<br />
    Hetalia<br />
    Homestuck <br />
    Neuro <br />
    Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan/ Nurarihyon no Mago T<br />
    Pokemon<br />
    Soul Eater<br />
    Yu-Gi-Oh<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    [Me.] Hiya. I is "host", the main body. 3nodding Ummm, lesse...<br />
    ~I am a girl. (and VERY proud. biggrin )<br />
    ~I am now 14, and so will not be banned again.<br />
    ~I LOVE anime/manga. 4laugh I really do.<br />
    ~I'm learning Japanese. Genki desuka?<br />
    ~I want to be a writer when I grow up...(If The Voices will let me... XD)<br />
    ~I'm quite poetic, and have a very large amount of voice in my writing...<br />
    ~My favorite color is purple... >:3<br />
    ~I am a follower of Jashin-sama... *kills something random* >: D<br />
    ~I was born on May 15, 1997<br />
    ~I am a Taurus. (BOTH WAYS, Chinese new year and astrological sign.)<br />
    ~I like Rock, and ONE metal band. (Disturbed, FTW! >: D)<br />
    ~I'm right handed. :3<br />
    ~I am a brunette, I keep my hair in a ponytail.<br />
    ~I usually have my hair shoulder-length, but will occasionally get it cut 2 ABOVE shoulder-length. ( sweatdrop )<br />
    ~ I have brown eyes. *makes doe-eyes at you*<br />
    ~ i AM crazy.....<br />
    ~I once considered suicide : ( ....<br />
    ~ Yes, I do have Voices. stressed <br />
    twisted <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Therapists stressed stressed stressed <br />
    Classical music stressed <br />
    Racists/Sexists/stereotypes, etc. stressed stressed stressed stressed stressed <br />
    My annoying sensitivity to annoying noises stressed stressed <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    4laugh We have gathered The Voices together and recorded the present ones. This list will be changed if a new Voice is added, or if one just goes to a happy place and dies. burning_eyes <br />
    Please keep in mind, Voice6 is the main one,(In other words, the better of all of us and the most mature and the most-ly smart one and the most sensible and the most- [YOU CAN STOP NOW Voice6! scream ] ...most main one, right.) <br />
    We all have our own little quirks, and usually all The Voices insert their own thoughts into a sentence or topic. biggrin Enjoy the Voices guide, and if *I* get a little cunfuzzled between Voices, forgive me because it's a little cluttered in here...... (What on earth did we want a brain FOR? sweatdrop ) <br />
    <br />
    THE VOICES <br />
    Voice1- question -This one doesn't pop up much. What could it be? Even *we* don't know. Thinks about "the big picture" a lot and is very literate. Think spiritual without believing in God and stuff. #1 is pretty balanced between beliefs. (Recently started driving.....*Yes, it was US that cut you off last week. Couldn't you hear us giggling?*)<br />
    Voice2- ninja - The analytical one. Good with computers and brainy stuff. Not a skeptic, not a believer. Actually pretty smart. *Challenge me I dare you*<br />
    Voice3- cry - Oh. Please. No. Not THAT one! ...This is the sad/depressed one. Hopefully won't come into play much....Yes, it represents the part of me that's always crying, deep inside....<br />
    Voice4- scream -The angry one. *And dun you forget it! scream * sometimes just comments on things we don't like. talk2hand If we wanna take it for a stroll, we go to yaoi pictures and let 'em rant!<br />
    Voice5- rofl -The idiot of the family. Usually we just use him/her/it *OKAY! We are all "its" in here!* for asking questions. It's normally pretty docile, but 1nc in a whl itwill mk us looooooook lyk imbeciles.*[Everyone]NUMBER 5!!!! scream * <br />
    *[Voice5] blaugh Da~h-ha-ha-ha-hah!* <br />
    *[Voice2:] You know he actually spelled the word "imbeciles" correctly... stare * <br />
    <br />
    Voice6- 3nodding -The main persona. In other words-ME!!!! heart twisted heart heart heart (ignore the inner demon.....*hemhem*) I try to stay balanced, but when someone says something that really hits home, one voice can take over. wink <br />
    Voice7- smile - We found this one when we were banned and switched accounts. It's the motherly one, reassuring and kinder than all of us put together (Which isn't saying much). Always encouraging, it convinced Me and the Voices to begin learning Japanese. whee It's new here, so be kind to it!<br />
    <br />
    ............and with that, *We* can get off Gaia on go on YouTube (Our profile is run by me~e, Voice6!) to watch foolish mortals tripping over their own two footsies! twisted <br />
    eek <br />
    ...I-I mean mrgreen <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    ------------------------O------ O--------------------<br />
    ----------------- O-------------------O--------------<br />
    --------------O ---------------------------O----------<br />
    -----------O----O---O---O---O ---O------O-------<br />
    ----------O--O -----------------------O------O------<br />
    ----------O----O -------------------O-------O-----<br />
    ----------O-------O -------------O---------O------<br />
    ------------O--------O-------- O---------O---------<br />
    --------------O--------O----O --------O-----------<br />
    ------------------O-------O -------O---------------<br />
    ------------------------O--- O---------------------Jashin!!!!!
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