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  • Artist Info: Name: Arielle<br />
    Nick names: Ari-san, Ari, wolf, silver, Kishka, Volka <br />
    Age: 0 ((not giving you my real age ;P))<br />
    Native language: English<br />
    Ulti languages: Japanese, some french, German, and spanish<br />
    Drawing style: pop surrealism, anime, chibi, furry/anthro/fursona, and most animals<br />
    DeviantArt: LovelessHeartOfPain<br />
    Youtube: LovelessHeartOfPain<br />
    Photobucket: wolf-of-the-silver-wind<br />
    <br />
    Favorite bands: Three days grace, disturbed, and Amorphis<br />
    Favorite colors: bright green, black, purple, red and blue<br />
    Favorite books: Garfield's first book, Night world, and Maximum ride<br />
    Favorite juice: orange juice C:<br />
    Favorite songs: Everything by life house, conflict by disturbed, in the end by lincoln park, and all i ever wanted by basshunter<br />
    Favorite food: salad or chocolate<br />
    Favorite animes: bleach, fruits baskets, .Hack, death note, wolfs rain and blood <br />
    Favorite animal: wolves, spiders, rabbits, komodo dragons, big dogs, and cats<br />
    Favorite time of day: Night<br />
    Favorite sites: sunrises, thick woods, stars and the moon, waterfalls and small streams. flowers, cobble stone, tall mountains, and rainbows.<br />
    closest relatives: Bella, and Alice<br />
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