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  • Artist Info: Any Zombie flick is worth watching atleast once. My fav would be Romero's Land of the Dead (where I came up with Ms. Auzzie here).<br />
    Description:<br />
    Name: Auzitea "Auzzie" Kaufman<br />
    RPG: Land of the Dead<br />
    Age: 24<br />
    Height: 5,9 <br />
    Weight: "You want to get a bullet in your ass?"<br />
    Hair: Cherry red untied its down to her hips. when tied its to her waist.<br />
    Eyes: Green with blue and brown flecks around the pupil<br />
    Personality: Rebellious 'kid' (when daddy says no she does it anyway)<br />
    Weapon of choice: .34 desert eagle and a .8 Beretta (back up)<br />
    ~Daughter of the 'tyrant' Mr. Kaufman has its perks. She gets to live the good life in the 'ivory tower' (where only the highest class live). She falls hard for one of her fathers lackeys, Cholo (played by Mr. John Leguizamo) and helps him take down her father. She sometimes sneaks out and helps with the 'hunts' in the local towns in order to find more supplies. After Cholo is later shot then bitten by a zombie (about an hour and 10 minutes into the movie) Auzzie stays by his side. She cuts her hand and willingly infects herself (without his knowledge) by grabbing onto his wound. They decide to track down Kaufman and make him pay permanently. They become zombies; Cholo gets in an explosion that sends him and Kaufman flying. Both 'live' and the "Happy couple" both feed on Auzzie's father.<br />
    User Image(yes I did draw this and I'll be sure to add the colored version when I finish it)
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