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  • Artist Info: Howdy Im Karululu! Kar for short.<br />
    Welcome and salutations! <br />
    Leave me comments for they are wonderful!! <br />
    ____________________________________________________<br />
    I love to Draw, Read, Sing, be outdoors, dance, party, drink (yarg!) and have fun! I like ships, pirates, anime, horses, wolves, Dragons! and lots of other things biggrin <br />
    Dont be afraid to leave me random comments or send me a PM if you want to chat or RP.<br />
    ____________________________________________________<br />
    My wolf's name is Conriy You might find him prowling around here. Dont worry he is friendly.<br />
    My bats name is........Batoydimus but we call him Batty for short! He's trapped as a bat and therefor has gone insane. He is around here someplace...<br />
    _________________________________________________________<br />
    <br />
    Price will range depending on if <br />
    * I color it<br />
    * It is a Bust shot, half your body or a full body<br />
    *One or more charters in the photo<br />
    <br />
    If you want some examples go to my Deviantart page! --->http://yokosama.deviantart.com/ <br />
    _________________________________________________________<br />
    Race agents the dark sky, <br />
    Two burning lights glowing bright; <br />
    We shall feast like kings this night, <br />
    And when we are through the world will let out a great sigh; <br />
    For we will of ridden it of its blight, <br />
    And we will continue to fly.
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