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  • Artist Info: HELLO! My name is Momo~! (also known as Kikawa Kaku, Mingan Honi, and Momoka Oka ). <br />
    I have somewhat of a busy life with jobs, some schooling, and other adult junk. So there are times where I am gone for a few months. But I always return since I love the friends I make here on gaia. I always come back. Always.<br />
    <br />
    The major thing I do here in this lovely little place is role playing. I've been RP-ing ever since I joined gaia. So about 10 or 11 years, on and off. I can play as both female and male. I do 1x1 and groups. I love adding some sort of twist to my characters, like being blind, mute, having some sort of illness, and so on. I am a romance type of person as well as action, tragedy, dark, creepy, violent, and well the list goes on. (mainly depending on my mood) So if you want to role play or need someone to join your role play, just pm me! But don't be mad if I'm not in the mood~!
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