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  • Artist Info: Greetings. I might as well take time off if my busy schedule to somehow make this as relevant as any other form of descripton.<br />
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    My username is basically my actual name, minus the "Mister" of course. Try not to ask why but yeah. I am of Male, so no need to ask about my gender either. Naturally I do not enjoy putting a pic in my signature because of being hit-on privately. But eh, happens to everyone. If you are wondering my age, I am an adult. September 1985 is the Birthmonth and Birthyear. I will surprise you with the day, considering it will notify the user anyways, when my Birthday is. I am not one who randomly adds Friends, due to social anxiety of some sort. But eh, I do what I can to get by.<br />
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    Social Media:<br />
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    • Steam: maurlce<br />
    • PSN: PantyLunatic<br />
    • Discord: Ask.<br />
    • League: Ask<br />
    • Kik: Ask<br />
    • FB: Ask
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