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    -Joker and Dr. Quinzel, THE EARLY YEARS-<br />
    "--So the Batman made you? What would happen if you ever met up with him again? Would you say anything?" she uttered, fishing a curious glance his way, ”—Well…I don’t know, I’d probably try and kill him…but leave it easily escapeable enough for him, so we could keep playing the game over and over again. I’ll probably repeat this fashion in repetition… the yin to my yang… he created me, and in a way I created him…” he declared, settling back on his cot, a look of nostalgia crossing his angled features, ”—Oh, but I imagine one day I really will kill him, or if I’m lucky…he’ll kill me! Really I think it’s a fantasy of mine, breaking the Bat’s spirit, breaking everything he stands for…destroying that sense of justice he carries, while he chokes the life out of me…poetic in a way…the break of a circle…it makes me happy…and I intend to make it happen…one way or another,”
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    Name: The Joker<br />
    Nickname: Razorblade Smiles, King of Crime, Clown Prince of Crime, Duke of Death, Lord of Laughs, Sideshow Slasher, Jay, Joe, Jack.<br />
    Height: 6'1<br />
    Build: Thin, but built<br />
    Eyes: Black, Hair: Green<br />
    Age: 42<br />
    From the vaults of Arkham, written by Dr. Lidia Marcy: For the sake of arguement, for his real name is unknown to this day, we will call him Joe (for obvious reasons) The sessions held with resident patient of Arkham Asylum, Patient #132 'The Joker' is broken and patched between, for lack of perminent doctors; One institutionalized, one early retirement,another suicide, and a number of others found murdered. From what we know, this is how the details of his life went. Born Fall of 1970, in Gotham City...Joe grew up in a slum, mother...(from Joker's details) was a weak idiot, and his father was an abuser, who favored the drink. Joe explained that he only tolerated 13 years of this abuse, although considering he couldn't recall being hurt until he was 5 or 6, only about 8 years; before he did something about it, made his first kill, taking out his Father, and Mother blaming them both. Were unsure whether Joe was an only child or not, as he has yet to reveal anything. Joker is educated, this we know...but has no mention of his name in the school system itself. Incarcerated at Arkham Asylum at 18 for a series of grisly murders that dubbed him the 'Sideshow Slasher' (a number of circus related deaths to attendees), it was in this period, that he spent his growing up in and out of the Asylum. <br />
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    Breaking out of Arkham, at 23 he moved onto try and start some kind of new life. With his freedom, he met a young woman (whom he simply calls Jeanine, but could get no more then that), he married her in secrecy, deciding to pursue a life as a comedian. Falling on hard times, with his gambling wife, whose addictions though different (were much like his own, gorey one)...he decided to save her from the sharks by taking up an illegal job, thieving documents from the Ace Chemical Plant. It was here that he first met Batman, and when after a fall into a vat of chemicals that he became known with his resurrection, 'The Joker'; the rest as you know it, is History.
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