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  • Artist Info: Hey people! Um... I guess I'm just a (coughsuperamazingcough)... slightly normal person, who wants two things. 1) Take over the world and rid all unholy things (school... lol) of the earth... and 2) To somehow convince my parents to move to Japan and buy me horses. Hmm... the second seems a little more difficult than the first. Anyway, my friends describe me as weird, and crazy, and moronic, and whatever adjective they want to call... which, most of the time, isn't that... nice. I have cruel friends. But I am also cruel! Mwahaha! By the way, my favorite singer is Yui, but they say her name is too short to put in the interest thingy, so I'll put it here! Go Yui! I love anime, manga, horses, writing, reading, and drawing... and I aspire to write a book. My fanfiction account is Sacred Lies, check it out! Anyway, I hate alarm clocks among any other thing! I mean, how dare they wake me up for absolutely no reason except my education?! -grumbles- Stupid invention... Blah, I should end this soon... or rather now! <br />
    <br />
    Ja ne, minna-san! smile
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