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  • Artist Info: Ohai!<br />
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    A Lil' tidbit about me:.x<br />
    My name is Kaze or in most cases Kayze. I've never really had to explain myself or had the time to do such a thing until now. I guess one could say that I am sort of complex, and I think a little bit different from others. I am a very open minded individual who can understand others from a certain point of view, as most possibly could. I try to place myself in others peoples shoes to come to an understanding of equal level in order to put a smile on everyone’s faces. No, I'm not hilarious or a huge jokester. I can be a troll if I want to be (Please don't feed the trolls!! D: <3 hahaha!), but typically that's only with friends so as not to harm others feelings which can be quite the touchy subject. I laugh very easily and love anything to do with Romance and Horror; especially movies and role-play! Psychological stuff is the peak of my interest and it's far from simple to me. <br />
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    Art:.x<br />
    I find myself with the tendency to be far too nice to any sort of artist. Actually, from my standpoint I believe that ART is ART and nothing more than that. It's a beautiful thing no matter how one expresses such a thing. If it's making character avi's or drawing a chibi or realistic drawing. No matter your skill or knowledge, I think it's important to keep a positive eye out for those who are artistic and can express their skills with any medium. <br />
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    RolePlay:.x<br />
    I am a reader and a writer, but I am not the fanciest of writers like some of you crazy RPers out there, though I try and do what I can! <3 I like to come to an understanding of a characters mindset while in any possible situation at hand. It shouldn't matter if I play male or female characters, I do indeed role-play both. I have multiple characters which are always being updated in my journal if you would like to check that out at anytime. <br />
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    Extra:.x<br />
    I apologize if in any way, shape or form I come across as too serious. Too be honest I'm actually kind of a spaz O.O and I like to make face D: All the time! >=]. So Keep that in mind...I ALSO LOVE CAPS LOCK....AND HEARTS... heart <br />
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    - - - - - <br />
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    I . A M . A :.x<br />
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    User Image Photographer<br />
    User Image Artist (avi art included-> Chibi's)<br />
    User Image Semi Literate -> Literate Role-player<br />
    User Image Writer<br />
    User Image Pansexual<br />
    User Image Lover<br />
    User Image BD Adoree<br />
    User Image Cancer (Star Sign)<br />
    User Image All Genres "Music Lover"<br />
    User Image Skelanimal Addict<br />
    User Image LGBT Supporter! <br />
    User Image Animal Person <3 Cats and Foxes especially<br />
    User Image CAPS LOCK ADDICT!
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